Basic Needs
Basic Needs

The New Me

I walked in a circle
Tried to find myself
Ilived like a turtle
Under my shell
I waited for a break thru
Tried to find a way out
Always found a reason to
Be a shadow in the crowd
Close your eyes and count to three
And guess what you will see
It`s the New Me…..
My deciision
Selfconfidence all right
Drive in a new direction
Ride on thru the night
It`s a New Me……
I could`nt face reality
Life was so unreal
I believe my destiny
Had to live behind a veil
Time was my enemy
Stading by the rail
Fighting misery
I my lonely jail
It`s the New Me…..
A voice from my heart
Told me “break the shell”
Gona make a new start
By the power of  will

Why yhis stamping with her feet
Why she just don`t want to eat
Why this need to demonstrate
Why the smashing of the plate
And why she fakes an embarrasing scene
Out of any everyday situation
Why why why why…..
Because she needs attention
She wants attention
She needs attention
The completely absolutely
entirely all-embracing attention
Why this total out of sight
Why this screming day and night
Why the smashing of the doors
Feeding on the need for more
Why she`s breaking every rule
Why she`s acting like a fool
And why she`s not prepared to accept
Just one reasonable suggestion
Why why why why…..
Because she needs attention……

The Children of Ineau

You reed it in the eyes of the unwanted child
Who have no more tears to cry
Just locked up in an Ironbed
While the days are passing by
Neglected children left in misery
Behind humid walls
Deprived of all dignity
Who will hear them call
Oh the children of Ineau
Like flowers in the snow
Longing for the spring
And helping hans to bring
Who will light the glow
To help them grow
The children of Ineau
Do You percieve some hope in a frozen smile
And the message in the silent scream
All the Basic Needs for that hungry child
Left with no childhood dreams
You´ve got the information and the simple facts
Though it´s hard to believe it´s true
You know that someone has to act
And that someone could be You
For so many years
They were left behind a wall
For so many years noticed them at all
But now we hear them call

Solitary Girl
The Drummer in the crystal Yard
knocking on the wall
The talent-scout on the Boulevard
makes a secret call
The transparent lady and the one-eyed doll
share another Gin
The Queen is ready for the ball
the coach is rolling in
Madonna goes to Hollywood
playing with the Sharks
The Wonderboy is in the mood
for kissing in the dark
Explorer in a dream
Looking for locations
Following the stream
Of imaginations
Living in a fairy world
Solitary Girl
The Salty Dog and the Village fool
Long for the sea
Mother Care needs to keep cool
She can disagree
The Singer dedicates the song
To a Belly-dancer at the bar
The Audiens is having fun
And cheering at the star
The Joker up her sleeve
Laughin at himself
Cindarella had beter leave
Before the clock strikes twelve

Wild Attraction
Prowl`s around in the citylight
Dressed up with her X-ray sight
She is ready – Ready for the night
When You face the lok in her eyes
You´ll get hooked and paralyzed
And you`ll have to – have to realize
She`s a Wild Attraction
Unapproachable – hard to please
Unpredictable - with stubbon needs
And she`ll get You – down on your knees
Rough and tough – aint got no fright
She`s gonna blow like dynamite
And she`ll catch you – scratch You in the night
She`s a Wild Attraction
She´ll amuse You – confuse You
Seduce You -  and set You up
She`ll refuse You then use You
Abuse You and eat You up
She`s a Wild Attraction
Stay in action – no distraction – Wild Attraction


A way of life what a choice
The rising sun in the stars and stribes
The stock-exchanges of the inner voice
The puppets in a vice
We are all captured in the mirrorhall
Those born to win fighting to gain
They hardly look back
Moving on no truth no pain
Like the devils on their track
We are all……
Time for slepwalkers to wake up
Shout out the secret of the state
Blow up the cotents of this megastore
Call out the firebrigade
We are all………
Money between us who will decide
And who pays this price
Under table dealers roll out the dice
With a V.I.P. in their eyes
We are all…..
Emergency call write on the wall
Reflect the crome-plated years
Are You there I the mirrorhall
When the truth appears
We are all…..

Barbapappas School

Hurricane in the classroom
Little devils everywhere
Idians against the pirates
Shooting arows in the air
Dirty poems on the wall
The teacher runs in panic
Away from it all
The poor man`s complaining
To the headmaster of the school
Something`s wrong with the planning
We`re losing control
We must redress the balance
And stop this laissez-faire
Before it turs to caos
And blows us in the air
No doubt about
No doubt about
No doubt about it
This system is out
Let`s change the rules
Let`s change the rules
Let`s change the rules
To Barbapapa`s School
Some people have their suggestions
More disciplin and punishment
Authority and examinations
Make the children understand
What the children need is freedom
Freedom and happiness
Never force the rytm
That`s what Barbapapa says

All the faces look so serious
No one speaks no one laugh or cries
Some will even find it dangerous
To stay in this city today
A nation voting for the president
And for the new democracy
Tomorrow there might be a parliament
Which will allow the people to be free
Oh this change has got to come
And after the ellection
If this change is not undone
There`ll be a celebration

Jambo Kenya
Singing Jambo – Singing Jambo Kenya
Singing Jambo – Singing Jambo Kenya
Singing Jambo – Singing Jambo Kenya
It´s like a silence before the storm
Everybody`s taking care
Armed soldiers with loaded guns
Shooting in the city somewhere
The sun burns down on the dusty roads
Leading to unknown destiny
In thousands of places they count the votes
Millions of people are waiting to see

Till The End of the Night

Howling dogs in the night
Broken glass on the pumplestone
Walking the twilight
Inside the marble moon
Don`t feel fright
We`ll make it all right
I´ll stay by your side
Till the end of the night
There`s a Strangler at large
Nightbirds fixed to fight
Cold wind of march
Blows thru the foggy night
Don`t feel fright
We`ll make it all right
I`ll stay by your side
Till the end of the night
We`ll get out of here
Let`s walk out of here
We`ll cross the borderline
Without this fear
Let`s hold each other tight
We`ll go for the light
And cross the borderline
Till the end of the night
Spiders web on the wall
Bootmarks and sneaking rats
While the darkness falls
Night train drives over red
Don`t feel fright
We`ll make it allright

Motherless Child

Where were You when I needed You
Where were You when You left me out of view
All by myself sad and blue
Yes I wonder where were You
Where were You when I needed love and care
Where were You when I needed You to share
All my dreams I wished could all come true
Yes I wonder where were You
I`m a Motherless child
Screaming wild
But You never never heard my cry
And I still wonder why
Where are You when I need a helping hand
Where are You when I need to understand
All my worries and the trouble too
I still wonder where are You
Where are You when I lose my confidence
Where are You it seems to make no sense
You´re my mother I`m a part of You
And I`m asking where are You

Ready to Carry on
Wake up in the morning – put a smile on my face
Looking to fit into this race
Soon I`ll be on my way
Into the lines of the game that we play
Listen to the news on the radio
Take a deep breath get on with the show
No matter what the weatherman says
I´ll be making my own sunny days
I`ll keep my positive outlook and expectations
No further explanations
I`ll face the challenge and whatever will come
I am ready to carry on
Life on earth -  try to understand
I give my best – the best I can
No crystalball to clear my view
I take my chance in what I do